Snowboard Fitness

Posted by on 8th April , 2009

Snowboard fitness is important for all level of snowboarders. The biggest difference it will make on a beginner snowboarder is not getting injured. Most injuries happen on the last run of the day because peoples muscles are tired. A snowboard workout will strengthen the muscles so that you can ride all day every day. When you do fall, because falling is part of snowboarding, having a good foundation of muscles will help absorb impacts better and help keep your spine and bones better in place.

For intermediate and advanced snowboarders a good snowboard workout would help them learn new tricks faster. By having stronger muscles they can ride longer and harder, which allows them to get more practice in and everyone knows practice makes perfect. Plus stronger muscles will also make doing snowboarding tricks that much easier. It will start to feel effortlessly. Getting your snowboarding to be effortless is the ultimate goal.

Snowboard fitness is all about building your core muscles. They are your obliques, abdomen, lower back, & glutes. When snowboarding you use your core muscles for most movements. They give you balance, help keep you protected when you wipe out, and help make snowboarding effortless. The most basic core developing exercises are push-ups, crunches, lounges.

Developing your leg muscles are also very important to an ultimate snowboarding workout. One of the biggest reasons why people have to take breaks and/or get injured is because they get tired and most of the time that tiredness comes from their legs. Doing some simple squats, just going up and down can help strengthen your legs. Also stand with your legs slightly more than shoulder width apart and bend at the knees, as if you were snowboarding. Try and hold the posture for as long as you can. Take a rest and then do it again and see if you can hold it even longer. I use this training technique a lot during the summer months to help keep my legs in snowboarding shape.

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